Stop Throwing Money Away!!

Many buildings in the NY/NJ area use heat timers during cold-weather months. A good number of these units are out-dated and simply turn the boiler on and off at preset times. Some buildings are worse… the building supers manually turn the heat on and off. When the boiler is on, there’s no temperature control. Many apartments are sweltering! Some tenants even open their windows! The excess heat… and your money… go out of the window! And… don’t forget that sometimes the super isn’t available and forgets to turn on the heat! You get flooded with calls from irate tenants!

Stop throwing money away and save the stress! Let us install the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort system with RedLINK® technology.

  • Connects any RedLINK™ Comfort System to the Internet to provide you with remote access from your PC, smart phone or tablet
  • No monthly fee, free app download
  • Remotely monitor and control heating and cooling systems, in one or multiple buildings at anytime, from anywhere (Click here to view)
  • View/change system settings and access multiple systems/zones
  • Outdoor sensor can be used to automatically turn on heat when temperature drops below city mandated threshold. (55 degrees in NYC)
  • Provides over 90 alerts through the Total Connect website
  • Upgrades automatically as new features become available
Tecoteric Technology digital thermostat installation

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