Smart Light Control • Basic Package

Smartphone and LIght Bulb-Large.png
Smartphone and LIght Bulb-Large.png

Smart Light Control • Basic Package

from 250.00

IOS or Android

• Package comes with everything you need to remotely control and schedule two lamps from your smartphone or tablet: Insteon Hub allows control of your entire network from a smartphone or tablet – Incandescent or LED bulbs, only. Not for use with fluorescent or CFL (compact fluorescent) light bulbs. • Works with Amazon Echo, Apple Watch, Logitech Harmony remotes, Nest Learning Thermostat, Sonos and more

• Add dozens of additional components for complete home control and monitoring

Installed Prices:

• Starter Package $250

• W/Amazon Echo Dot Voice Control - $300

• W/Amazon Echo Voice Control - $430

• Smart Light Switches $65 each

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